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Working from Home


Families connecting with Families  

As a parent of a child once involved in the juvenile justice system, we know that the only way to effectively advocate for your child is to understand how the juvenile justice system works.

  • UCN Parent Navigators provide support to families who are facing challenges navigating the education, Harris County Resources for Children and Adults and juvenile justice systems. 


  • UCN Parent Navigators help parents transition into a more supportive role when dealing with their child’s supervision efforts, educational challenges and overall level of involvement

  • UCN Parent Navigators connects parent to parent support groups, family strengthening programming and parent advocacy training. 

  • UCN Parent Navigators are a friend to families when you need a friend the most.


What Makes Our Program A Success

  • We are led by families directly impacted by the justice system.

  • Our Parent Navigators and Peer Coaches are trained or have experienced a child in the juvenile justice system.

  • Our partner organizations are from the community they service and are equipped to meet the needs of the youth and their families.

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